Epic Media

Epic Media specialises in many development aspects of interactive multimedia for most delivery platforms and the Internet/Intranet for promotional, educational and commercial (e-commerce) purposes.

These services include:
Software development
Development of complete Internet web sites and/or components
Database design and implementation
Video digitisation and editing
Graphic design
E-book creation and editing
Image capture and digital processing
Multilingual applications

Epic Media also provides project management and consultancy services for multimedia and Internet projects of any size - small to large.


Creation of complete websites and individual documents and components

Internet and Intranet consultancy to determine the most suitable solution for you, project management

Design and creation of web site components (eg graphics, navigational images), animations, Shockwave and Flash, web-suitable audio and video formats, PDF, database connectivity, .NET (C# and VB.NET), PHP, JavaScript and VBScript

Creation and implementation of 360º panoramic views (VR) with multiple nodes/hotspots for virtual walk-throughs and 360º object movies

E-commerce facilities and services (shopping carts, on-line booking and payment, real-time credit card processing)

Relational database design and implementation using MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or MS Access

Web site promotion and marketing

Creation of multilingual versions of new or existing web sites in all European languages and Asian languages such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean


We provide consulting and production services to assist you in the creation of all types of multimedia projects.

Development of instructional or promotional interactive multimedia packages (DVD, Information Kiosks, Internet/Intranet Sites)

Concept development and project management

Development of digital audio and video resources for any multimedia project

Creation and implementation of 360º panoramic views for virtual walk-throughs and 360º object movies

2D and 3D Graphic design, production and animation

High-quality image scanning, processing and manipulation (including colour correction, image enhancement and digital photo montages) for any multimedia production

Relational database design and implementation

Development of multilingual applications (Japanese, Chinese and all European languages)

Interactive Computer Based Training systems


Complete conversion of multimedia software applications and web sites as well as multilingual desktop publishing into most European languages and Asian lanugaes such as Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

Services include:

  • Translation of printed and/or electronic media from English into European languages, Japanese and Chinese or vice versa by native speakers
  • All necessary typesetting and text layout
  • Proofreading and, if necessary, editing of the translated documents
  • Localisation and creation of graphic components for navigational elements, headings, logos, charts, maps, etc
  • Localisation of other multimedia components, such as voiceovers of presentations and videos
  • For web sites, translation and implementation of META tags, hidden and visible form elements, JavaScript and CGI scripts, etc.


Epic Media
3a Bellevue Crescent
PO Box 310
Edge Hill
Queensland 4870

Mobile phone: 0411 154 146
E-mail: eprenzel@epicmedia.com.au